Some links I'm collecting regarding my foray into Plan 9, a somewhat UNIX-like operating system from Lucent (Bell Labs).

Somebody on #perl commented, "Plan 9 is UNIX the way UNIX should have been done." Halfjack noted, "Plan 9 is more UNIX than UNIX." So far, this seems to mean, "Real men write their own device drivers, on the fly, and installation programs are for weenies." We'll see if I'm geek enough to install and run this OS ...

Currently I'm stuck on the installation, and it's frustrating me. I haven't been able to get the GUI-based install working properly (although with a bit of hacking to VGADB in the boot disk I at least got a partial display), and the textonly install keeps hanging on the download step with:

page: can't find $wsys

(turns out that isn't really an error; it just takes a long time to grab all the files, and there's no progress indicator. whee.) So I followed the textonly instructions, except when I get to the download step (using hget, a wget work-alike), hget fails with:

too many errors with no progress inappropriate use of fd

*sigh* I just burned the iso onto a CD and am going to try a local install now. Hopefully the boot image will recognize my hardware ...

UPDATE: I gave up and burned myself a CD, which I should have done to begin with. Now I have it installed, but don't know how to navigate the system, perform common administrative tasks, install software (OpenSSH at least), etc.